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The Living And The Dead 2

Title: The Living And The Dead
Author: dangerous_elite
Pairing: Shannon/Boone (Lost)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Warnings: Just season 1 stuff. No warnings.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Shannon and Boone are not mine, although I wish they were. It's all ABC's and LOST's and whoever runs that show/company/whatever
Summery: Boone wakes up after Jack's been treating him after he fell from the canopy in the beachcraft. But he's not in the caves. And he's not at the beach. And he's not dead. But he has no idea what's going on.
Neither do I.

Part Two: Reprecussions

‘Stop moving!’ Her voice was coming from somewhere far away. Where? ‘I can’t… Keep still!’ Where are you? ‘God you’re such a baby!’
Everything fell into place. She was next to him. Doing… something, to his head. That really hurts.
‘Ah-’ What’s going on? ‘What are you-?’
‘Stop moving! I’m almost done!’ He was hurt, he could tell that much. How? He was sitting on a bed. She sat next to him. ‘You okay?’
‘Why?’ Something was missing. A lot was missing. His memory.
‘You hit your head pretty hard; I was just wondering if it did any permanent damage.’ That explains it. Does it?
His hand moved to the top of his head, just left of the centre where she’d been bandaging it, apparently. ‘I don’t remember.’
‘What? What don’t you remember?’ She’s worried about me.
‘How I did it.’ She started to put some money, a phone, and other various things into a purse.
‘We’re going.’
‘The hospital! Boone, please tell me you are messing around.’ There was nothing. Silence. He couldn’t think. Nothing happened, but then… he was in the same place, but with a head wound and a worried sister.
‘Tell me what happened, Shannon.’ Really worried.
She sighed a kind of emotionless laugh. Something strange that he’d never heard from her before. ‘you, er, you turned round into a door. It sounded pretty bad. There was a loud crack. What else don’t you remember?’ Everything
‘It’s coming back to me. I think it was just…’ I can’t go to hospital. I can’t risk this not being real.
‘Okay, sure? I mean concussion… you could-’
‘I’m fine, Shan. Really.’ He smiled. She smiled. He had an overwhelming urge to hug her, but he had no idea where they both stood in their relationship. What had happened between them? She squeezed his thigh and stood up.
‘I always miss you. You know that, right?’ She sounded so vulnerable.
‘I miss you too.’
‘I’ll go get you some ice. Make sure you don’t have a lump on your head in the morning. I know you hate that.’ He couldn’t help but laugh at her remark. She left the room laughing too.
As soon as she was gone, Boone was searching through the drawers and cupboards for a clue to what was going on, but he found nothing. He had a dull headache that was nothing to do with the injury, and gave up just as she came back.
‘Sorry, no ice. But I got slush instead!’ She held up am ice bucket. The contents swish about inside, like a slushie. slush? ‘Ice machines broken.’ She shrugged. ‘I could put it in a plastic bag… but we don’t have any.’
‘It doesn’t matter. I’ll sleep off the rest of the blurriness. If there’s a bump, there’s a bump.’ Shannon nodded and put the bucket of slush on the side.

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